Bo – Maintaining a Good Quality of Life

My Dog has been in an operation 4 months ago because of the tumor growth on the hind leg end.  However, the operation was not really successful because the cancer (tumor) malignancy could not be completely removed, according to the doctor.

Further biopsy results revealed mastocytoma during the 20th of May, and it looks like the cancer did not metastasize yet, unfortunately 2 weeks later the diagnosis turned out to be Grade II mastocytoma recidiva the hind leg end and in lymphatic gland (lymph node) metastasise.

The doctor adviced Bo undergoing chemotherapy, but i won’t, because it is the worst way ever! For me no way!  Thats why i was looking for a good supplement for him, one that is not a medication but can help him at the most healthy ways.  From all the readings I have done online, I know i need to start from improving his immune system.

Here we are, 3 months later after using HiPet.  Bo is now more energetic with much better appetite and good quality of life.  We’ve done regular checkup with our veterinarians and he was very surprised about Bo’s progress.  I am definitely recommending HiPet to any owners who wish to give their dogs a second chance.

Beata V.  from Opusztaszer, Hungary


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