Goldie – An Amazing Recovery Story

My 15 year old golden retriever recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his small intestine.  Golden retrievers are known to have compromised immune systems resulting in a higher than average potential for incidence of impaired immunity conditions.  Prior to and immediately after the procedure his hindquarters had become very weak due to malnourishment and arthritis.  I began using HiPet formula as part of his recovery program and am truly amazed at his current state.

He regained nearly all of his strength and is simply full of puppy-like energy!  HiPet, because of its immune boosting potential, is tailored made for any and all breeds of dogs from puppies to seniors to safeguard against any threats to their immune systems.

HiPet powder is easily mixed with food and administered and has no chance of overdosing. I simply cannot thank you enough for HiPet.  I am certain it plays a large part in my dog’s continued recovery and joy of life.

Kathe R. from Carlsborg, WA


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