Shawnee – A Second Chance at Life

At 19 years old, my Shawnee was diagnosed with Kidney Failure. I was told to make a decision if I wanted to keep her alive and comfortable or begin considering putting her down.  In distress, I found HiPet online and decided to use it, figured the formula would help her.

A short time later, I was giving her fewer and fewer Sub-Q fluids under her skin as she didn’t seem to need the 3-4 prescribed per week any longer.  Now I’m only giving her one or two per week. Prior to HiPet, she seemed desperate as if she were dying of thirst and would claw at all our drinks wanting to have anything to make her feel better. That desperation fell by the  wayside.  When I took Shawnee to the vet for her exam, her comment floored me.  She said, “Annie, Shawnee is doing so well I wanted to tell you, I don’t know how, but her blood-work is better than when she was diagnosed over a year ago.  We expected she’d go downhill, but instead she is actually better!” HiPet was doing the trick!

I am beyond grateful I can give my beloved pet what most have yet to enjoy, and that would be a second chance at life.  We are blessed having been at the right place at the right time to discover this magnificent HiPet formula for my kitty.

Annie G. from Austin, TX


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