About Us

The roots of HiPet USA go back nearly three decades to 1982 when our scientists started doing research to identify natural, organic and probiotic ingredients that would improve the health of animals.  They were especially interested in a beneficial metabolite called Mushroom Beta-glucan that enhances the immune system.

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They developed and patented a method of growing medicinal mushrooms in a controlled environment using special flasks and an organic growing medium. This method ensures consistent quality, high yield and absolute protection from field contaminants like pesticides.

While other brands simply grind mushrooms from

unknown sources into powder. HiPet USA goes the
whole nine yard, culturing their own medicinal
mushrooms with organic herbal mediums in a controlled
environment, followed by patented purification and
extraction biotechnology process to yield beta glucan.

Better Health For Farm Animals

The mushrooms then undergo a delicate extraction and purification process to yield the pharmaceutical grade beta glucan that enhances and strengthens the immune system.

After years of research, experimentation, and testing, the company began manufacturing their mushroom beta glucan and selling it as a feed additive for swine, cattle, poultry and fish.

As organic farming grew in popularity, so did mushroom beta glucan as an important animal health supplement. The company expanded and began selling its natural feed additives all over the world, specifically the US, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and China.


Better Health For Domestic Pets

In 2000, the company expanded into the pet market by launching HiPet 3-in-1 Canine/Feline Supplement formula as a natural health supplement for dogs and cats.

HiPet’s 100% natural beta glucan supplement contains no additives, hormones, preservatives, added flavors or colors. It’s made in a certified manufacturing facility in Southern California, and its purity is authenticated by an objective, third party lab.

Utilizing data from more than 25 years of research efforts, the 5 medicinal mushroom combination in HiPet USA’s premium supplements offer exceptional efficacy to renew and support your pet’s immune wellness. In addition, the synergistic blend also provides comprehensive protections against free radicals.

Better Health For Rescued Pets With Global Partners

Every year, at least 5,000,000 pets are abandoned around the world. HiPet USA partners with rescue organizations globally, providing their supplements for the severely sick or injured pets. These pets were able to gain faster recovery time at reduce medical costs so they can find a good home sooner. Visit HiPet USA’s blog at hipetusa.com/blog/ to get current information of these heartwarming recovery stories.