What Mushrooms

What makes our ingredients unique?  Instead of blending pulverized mushroom powders into our products, HiPet USA goes the whole nine yard by using potent mushroom extracts.  A mushroom extract is the rare active compound in raw mushrooms responsible for the beneficial effects and is only available in larger quantity using our patented extraction process.  Evidences show that dogs and cats who took mushroom extract supplements experience significantly faster response in health benefits compare to those who took regular supplements.

Numerous scientific publications state that organic mushroom extracts, consist of mushroom beta glucan molecules and fibrinolytic enzymes, are capable of activating and enhancing your dog and cat’s immune system to promote self healing.  In order to provide our customers with the satisfying results, HiPet Supplement utilizes mushroom extracts exclusively from FIVE popular medicinal mushrooms to harvest the potent ingredients.

The high potency, 5 medicinal mushroom combinations in HiPet supplements offer exceptional efficacy to improve and bolster your pet’s immune wellness, in addition, offers many other protections and beneficial effects.

Utilizing data from more than 25 years of research efforts, we are confident that the 5 medicinal mushroom combinations in our premium supplements offer exceptional efficacy to renew and support your pet’s immune wellness. In addition, the synergistic blend also provides comprehensive protections against free radicals.

5 Medicinal Mushrooms Selected

Reishi  (LingZhi, Ganoderma lucidum)

Reishi Mushroom Photo

Often referred to as the “elixir of life.” Known in Japan as the ‘phantom mushroom’ because it can be very difficult to find.  Therefore, in order to obtain quality, organic Reishi for extraction, our scientists developed a technique to grow Reishi in flasks.  This patented state-of-art technology, AMFM, involved culturing carefully selected reishi spores on herbal mediums over an elaborate and arduous two year time period.  We extract the medicinal ingredients from both the mycelia and fruiting body of the reishi and incorporate them into our HiPet supplement.

In traditional oriental medicine, Reishi has been used for more than 3,500 years.  Even today, Reishi is considered one of the more important and popularly used herbal medicines in the world.  It is famous for boosting energy levels, supplementing normal liver and immune fuctions, and effectively managing the stressful level for dogs and cats.


Coriolus (YunZhi, Turkey Tail, Trametes versicolor)

Known as the “Cloud Mushroom” because of its unique shape, Coriolus is one of the most thoroughly studied medicinal mushrooms supplementing immune health.  With over 300 clinical studies documenting the powerful immune building properties of this mushroom, Coriolus has become the number one selling medicinal mushroom in the world.

Grown from our organic environment devoid of contaminations, Coriolus mushroom is also best known for its effect to compliment other prescribed treatment to improve the quality of life and supplement the digestive system of your dogs and cats.


Suehirotake (SPG, Schizophyllum commune)

Also known as the “Split-Fold Mushroom”, Suehirotake is best known for its polysaccharide structure, schizophyllan (SPG), a polysaccharides commonly used to derive pharmaceuticals.  SPG has been found to activate macrophages, stimulate T cells and natural killer (NK) cells of the immune system.  In addition, recent research has discovered the pathway to supplement cardiovascular health.  This mushroom maintains the intracellular immune balance for your beloved pets.

Our organically derived Suehirotake extracts is commonly used in herbal medicine to increase vitality, detoxifications and help maintaining cardiovascular health.


Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Known in Japan as the “King of Mushrooms”, Maitake is currently researched in a number of institutes including Sloan-Kettering Center in New York and City of Hope Medical Center in California.  The active mushroom beta glucan extracted from Maitake is slightly greater in branching compared to others, resulting to a quicker absorbing property

Our organically derived Maitake extracts offers exceptional antioxidant properties and free-radical eradicator and are often used as a promoter of endurance and energy levels.


Sun Mushroom (Brazilian Sun Mushroom, Agaricus Blazei)

The Sun Mushroom has an extensive history of use as a folk remedy where it was originally discovered during the 1970s from the Piedate mountain region outside of Sao Paolo, Brazil.  This unique medicinal mushroom has been intensively studied on its effect on modulating immune functions, support and maintain normal liver, urinary functions and a healthier blood glucose level.

Our organically grown Sun Mushroom colonies are known to exact the maximum of beta glucan using ultra-sonic extraction procedures instead of the traditional hot water/ethanol extraction, hence, comprise the exceptional potency to maximize your dogs and cats’ good health.