HiPet Herbal Product and Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Three common health issues affect dogs and cats more than any other: digestive upset, joint problems, and immune deficiency. Beta glucan extracted from medicinal mushrooms treats all three with one simple daily dose that costs just pennies a day.

HiPet Supplement is both a herbal treatment for dogs and a herbal treatment for cats that works so fast, you can see the difference in just weeks. For years already, organic farmers have been using mushroom beta glucan as a feed supplement for livestock, chicken and fish.

Now this life enhancing supplement made from pure, organic ingredients is available for your dog and cat, too.

Our 3-in-1 mushroom beta glucan supplements are formulated and backed by 25 years of research. By taking our supplements, we promise your dogs and cats a healthier life by equipping them with stronger immune, digestive, and musculoskeletal (joint) systems to shield against harmful exposures from our current environment.