HiPet 3-in-1 Canine Formula


Many dogs suffer digestive dysfunctions like gas, bloating and diarrhea. Now pet owners looking for natural dog diarrhea cures can give them a safe, drug free product that boosts their immunity and joint strength at the same time as it treats their poor digestion.

HiPet 3-in-1 Supplement is a herbal treatment for dogs that you can feel good about. Because everything in it is pure and natural:

Extracts from 5 types of medicinal mushrooms for the immune system.
Probiotics and enzymes for an effective dog diarrhea cure.
Glucosamine Sulfate for joint health.

Each bottle of HiPet Canine Formula contains 80 grams of powder, enough for the monthly supply for a dog under 25 lbs.Click to learn more!