Maggie – Skin Problems Resolved

Maggie LOVES her HiPet!

Maggie was a happy girl ever since she was born 8 years ago.  She didn’t really have much health issue except for the occassional itchy, flaky skin, which we blame the weather for it.  Saw HiPet featured in a facebook link and felt curious about it, especially the mushrooms they used.  I thought mushrooms are good for the immune system, as told by everyone else, so I fugure this might benefit Maggie to some extend.  bought a bottle and started giving it to Maggie…..after approximately 3 weeks we saw immediate results.  Maggie scratched less, and the skin became less flaky.

After all, this is a great supplement for any dog. It is easy to give and you see results in a few weeks of use.  I highly recommend it to dog owners who are willing to give it a try.

Keith S. from New York City, New York


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