Boris – Frequent GI Issue Fixed

I would like to share with you all on the great outcome Boris experienced.

Boris is my big boy who is constantly bothered by GI events.  Frequent diarhea, gassy stomach, problematic bowel movements….etc.,  you name it.  We have to contantly watch what he eats (especially when he begs for chilli-cheese fries, which will definitely bring some “serious GI consequences”) and be selctive on what can go into his mouth.  We have been on the fish and potatoe diet recommended by the vets and that doesn’t seem to work after awhile.  Tried some other probiotics products but they didn’t seem to work either.

After visiting Dr. Pham, a new vet around my residence, she recommended adding a spoonful of HiPet into Boris’ diet.  She explained to us that mosty of the dog she have recommended to have gotten great outcomes after taking HiPet.

We gave it a shot.  After 4 weeks into using HiPet, Boris’ troublesome symptoms improved!  (Although it’s not like we can still give him Chilli-Cheese Fries)  We can obviously see that his GI conditions are improving and he is much happier.  I will highly recommend it to anyone whose pets are experiencing troublesome GI issues.

Natasha B. from San Diego, California


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