La La Regains her Appetite

My La-La, a Labrador started having issue eating all his food recently. Initially we started testing all kinds of food trying to increase his appetite yet with no effort. Took him to the vets, and the result came out negative- nothing negative found. It almost seemed like he was having some sort of “depression” that resulted in his sudden loss of appetite.  We’re so worried until we’ve discovered HiPet from the online forum. I was so amazed that, when I sprinkled the powder over the food, La-La walked slowly to his bowl, sniffed at it and STARTED EATING! I couldn’t believe my eyes. HE STARTED EATING EVER SINCE, of course, with the presence of HiPet sprinkled over his food. Now I almost thought that it’s a magic that he finishes all his meals ever since he had HiPet!!! Thank you thank you…

Heidi K. from Azusa, California

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