Buck & Kitties – Vibrant Living Once Again

I have three cats two with chronic urinary crystals and one with Herpes of the eye. After giving all three of my cats Hipet feline formula the crystal problem seems to have gone away. My other cat’s eye is also much better. All three of my cats are healthier, and have more energy and vitality.

Giving cats supplements has always been a challenge but with Hipet that problem is solved. I sprinkle it in their food and they eat it!!! Amazing as cats are so finicky and if they smell anything different in their food they will not touch it. What a relief my cats feel better and I finally found a supplement that they will take. I will be giving them Hipet for the rest of their lives! I would recommend this product to all pet owners.  Thank You, HiPet.

Christine B. from Los Angeles, CA


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